Call on our team of experts to validate compliance with RE2020 thresholds

Vizcab can help you carry out RE2020 and E+C- regulatory carbon studies for certification purposes (BREEAM, BBCA), by having your data verified by our team of certified low-carbon and sustainable building experts.

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our mission

Choose a carbon expert in Pro-DCE

and validate RE2020 thresholds before delivery

To ensure the success of a project, it is essential to get the pre-marketing right before issuing a call for tenders.

Carbon data has therefore become essential for compliance with the various standards, while at the same time showcasing our know-how in the creation of WFDs, in order to provide a framework for practices and monitor the environmental performance of projects.

Our tool and our team's recommendations will enable you to make the right choices in the PRO / DCE phase, so that the synthesis is RE2020-compliant on delivery.

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your teams with a trusted carbon third party

A team of experts and accredited tools to help you make data-driven decisions.

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respecting the thresholds of your real estate project

thanks to the production of regulatory LCAs based on your FMPDs by our low-carbon engineers.

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your environmental performance throughout the various stages of your project: PRO, DCE, delivery

thanks to the carbon studies carried out by our team.


A service equipped to support you in the carbon strategy of your real estate projects

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Optimize your carbon performance with the support of our team


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Who is this feature designed for?

All those involved in project management: developers, landlords, property developers and architects for whom carbon data is an actionable market indicator.

Vizcab accelerates the building industry's carbon transition

Our mission: to offer construction industry players the fastest, most powerful and most collaborative Building Lifecycle Analysis service.

We believe that digital technology and data sciences have the potential to catalyze the building industry's energy-carbon transition, making it profitable for the entire sector.

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