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of real estate developers' sales

Only 11% of sales are aligned with European taxonomy on average, according to the OID. This represents around 28% of eligible sales, which reflects the demanding nature of taxonomic criteria, in particular the DNSH principle.

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4 months

The time needed to draw up the Bilan Carbone

by a specialized service provider depends on the company's size and sector of activity, generally ranging from 2 to 4 months. Data collection is often the most time-consuming stage.


of housing starts

The new-build property market is experiencing a significant crisis due to the scarcity of land and the drop in the number of projects for sale. It reinforces the need to stand out in order to obtain a building permit

Unify all your real estate project data to align key project stakeholders - developers, architects, economists, design offices - towards a common goal.

Enhance the value of your operations with a housing, urban planning and landscapes department accredited platform compatible with the sector's most important labels

Easily identify opportunities for improvement at all levels of your organization thanks to high-quality, granular data, while optimizing your ESG reporting.

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"Faced with declining land availability, and increasingly demanding legislation, proving your company's CSR commitment is becoming a strategic lever for staying competitive"

Damiano BARILE | Low-Carbon Architect

Put your trust in the French platform that pioneered digital carbon expertise for the construction industry.

Since 2016, Vizcab has been supporting building industry players in their ecological transition and adaptation to new standards

Guided by her environmental regulations, France is taking the lead in the green transition in construction, encouraging the entire industry to adopt innovative practices. At Vizcab, our collaborative SaaS platform is revolutionizing carbon accounting by applying Dynamic LCA methodology. 

Explore our reporting tools, and take an innovative approach to engaging your teams and partners through an intuitive interface. You'll be able to reduce the carbon footprint of your projects while maximizing the impact of your sustainable actions.

Beyond simple environmental management, our mission is to help companies in the real estate and construction sector to enhance their CSR commitment with labels such as Leeds, BREEAM and BBCA.

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We help you transform the way you think about carbon in construction

Browse our knowledge base, case studies and webinars, and make Vizcab your carbon management platform for a successful transition to low-carbon construction.

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Consult our library of over 200 free resources covering everything from regulations and labels to contributor entry.

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Connect with other Vizcab users, find inspiration, and discover tools to help you build a low-carbon project.

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Let an expert guide you

For an LCA campaign or a specific need, Vizcab Partners and our team of experts can support you.

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A multidisciplinary team of over 50 talents committed to decarbonizing construction

Founded by Guillaume and Thomas, the Vizcab start-up is represented by LCA experts to answer your questions on a daily basis and accelerate your carbon transition, a web development team dedicated to the continuous improvement of our platform, and Saas product specialists to ensure an intuitive interface and interoperability with your business tools.

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